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Break the Chains of Hatred

by Imani Zubeh

Released 2017
Released 2017
This CD is a celebration of life! It prompts people not to hate, but to come together for the betterment of the Human Race and to overcome heartbreaks and not let our petty differences cloud our judgement or what we know in our hearts is right!
This 2nd CD has truly been a long time coming, an incredible journey and a educational soul searching labor of love.
After writing in excess of 35 tunes during this CD project, the fifteen songs presented here represent a changing of the guard so to speak. Forgoing an abundance of "chops" in search of inspirational and heartfelt songs, was the goal I set out to accomplish. While trying to keep it commercial without compromising musicianship, I still think there are songs with some pretty cool riffs, but I hope they don`t overshadow the initial purpose of this CD, which is to touch the hearts and souls of all who come in contact with it, and to help bridge us all through the gift of MUSIC! Hopefully the messages within will hit the heart and enable us all to come together as a HUMAN RACE, instead of one that is riddled with petty differences. We all must understand and accept the differences between us with integrity, patience, peace and above all, LOVE!
On another note, Jazz these days is a pretty broad genre now and I`ve termed this CD "Crossover Jazz" because it not only has what I consider a commercial aspect, but intelligence and sophistication also! It starts of with a tune in 7/8 while keeping the feel of a cool 4/4 tune and floats you to new heights. The 3 songs that follow touch on coming together to make a better world, love & lies! There are 7 vocal songs, lyrically all very intriguing, a couple of smooth jazz tunes with vocal hooks that help describe the mood & emotion I was feeling, and 4 instrumentals to help round out the project with musical diversity. Believe me, if you like MUSIC, then this CD is for you. It`s not just a collection of songs that will disappear to make room for the next fad, but rather timeless works of art to be displayed and enjoyed for a lifetime. They touch on serious matters but can also be jovial and even frivolous at times to help keep the mood light and not too overbearing while still keeping the listener thinking about the state of the world today and what we can do to make a better place for our children and for us all. So just sit back and let the journey begin as we all hopefully begin to BREAK THE CHAINS OF HATRED!

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